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06 Nov E-bike advantages
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Bad condition, re -entry after illness or break, overweight, old age or other physical restrictions make cycling a pain or even impossible. E-bikes remedy this that has also triggered a boom in Salzbu..
06 Nov E-bike test-you should pay attention to this before buying
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Buying an e-bike is not easy and should not take place. So that you also buy the suitable electric bike and do not take "just the testiser", you should consider a few things before buying and compare ..
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There are a number of reasons why a cyclist - whether beginner, expert or somewhere in between - might choose an electric bike. This section covers three of the most important factors to consider when..
13 Oct E-bike step-through - what is that actually?
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Equipped with an electric motor, every bike is easier and more comfortable to ride. It is not without reason that more and more people no longer want to do without their e-bikes in everyday life.No ma..
11 Oct Electric bike purchase advice
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Before buying an electric bike, the same questions are asked as when buying a normal bike.Important DifferencesAn electric bicycle differs from a conventional bicycle in important aspects. For example..
29 Sep hich bike type suits you?
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First of all, you should think about what you want to use your e-bike for. Would you like to cycle to work every day? Or just occasionally go on a bike tour? Then an e-city bike or an e-trekking bike ..
29 Sep Why electric bikes with pedals
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While researching electric bikes, we find that electric bikes provide riders with pedal assistance, which is a technical aspect that differentiates them from regular bikes.What is pedal assist?The Ped..
28 Sep How to solve the battery is not durable in winter
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The weather is getting colder and colder, battery owners have this experience, the battery is not durable; Doesn't the battery go far in winter? The whole load is lost?First, let's clarify three impor..
28 Sep Charging tips in winter
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1. Reasons for electric vehicles don't go far in winter.In winter temperatures, most of the charger without a temperature compensation function can not charge the battery's low temperature environment..
28 Sep Notes from electric bikes
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Bicycle mounting bolts and nuts should be tightened, not loosen and fall off.The rotating parts must work flexibly and not be stuck or frozen. How: the front and rear wheels should rotate flexibly, an..
28 Sep How to choose an electric bike
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1. Choose a credible brandThere are many brands of electric bikes. Should choose brands with long uptime, low repair rate, good quality and reputation.2. Check the accessoriesThe strength and performa..
27 Sep Electric bike battery use and maintenance
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Battery is a kind of consumable. With increasing use, the mileage of the entire vehicle gradually decreases. Under normal conditions (25 ± 5 ℃, normal road conditions and normal load), the normal batt..
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